The perfect candidate is independent, intelligent, informed,
incorruptible, idealistic; so what's the problem?


The two party system has served us well. However, as both senior
Republicans and senior Democrats have stated, we all agree on
ninety percent of the issues and disagree on ten percent of the
solutions. Yet ninety percent of the rancor is about that ten percent
and limits progress.  The
Perfect Candidate therefor proposes new
criteria for new cooperative legislation.

From his experiences as a citizen in academia, the military, and the
aerospace industry, Paul Cando (PC) proposes a platform for
progress. The platform begins with guiding principles.  These
principles are simply the fundamental guiding values of the United
States, which often seem incompatible with our current national
issues, but which we all wish to retain and revitalize.  Specific
planks of the platform are fully consistent with the US Constitution
and Supreme Court rulings.  However, some new amendments and
statutes would be enacted and some old changed or replaced


PC (Paul Cando) is a multi-billionaire who is seeking the office
of President of the United States of America. His wealth came
from knowledgeable and prescient investments in the
technology sector, especially health, computation, and
environmental remediation.  His vision is to revitalize
fundamental American values at home and in our relationships
with other countries and to establish a cost-effective means to
finance governments at all levels.

PC is able and anxious to finance his candidacy with his own
funds, independent of political party, PACs, and preferential
programs.  While there are many opposing views within the
US, nearly ninety percent of Americans agree about
fundamentals and what we would like to see, if we could do it.  
PC proposes to champion these fundamentals and to
concentrate debate and resolution on the ten percent of topics
where we disagree.  Because of his experience and
independence, relative to most other recent and historical
candidates, PC is in many ways, "The Perfect Candidate".
Peter A Berardo, PhD