Peter Berardo has achieved and enjoyed significant and diverse
accomplishments in academia, the military, and industry characterized by both
individual curiosity and inventiveness with strong team leadership and
recognition as evidenced by his many publications, memberships, and awards.

His fields of expertise include
Particle physics
Simulation and computer modeling
Radiation effects and dosimetry
Artificial intelligence
Autonomous robots

This Scientific and Technical Biography is presented in the following sections:
Professional Positions and Accomplishments
Professional Affiliations and Committees
Security Clearances
Military Service

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Peter A. Berardo, PhD, a sole proprietorship

08/97 - Now   Mammoth Lakes and Bishop, CA
+ Scientific and Technical Consulting for:
Lasertronics paint-stripping robot, San Jose, CA,
Topco welding robot, Grover Beach, CA
Ingenuity Software computer interfaces, Mammoth Lakes, CA
Lockheed Martin various projects, Palo Alto, CA
10,000 Vacation Rentals internet robots, automatic translation
+ Author of Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry

• Lockheed / Lockheed Martin

12/88 - 08/97 Manager, Principal Investigator, Senior Scientist, and Contractor
  Automation & Robotics Laboratory,
  Palo Alto Research Laboratory, Palo Alto, CA
+ Principal investigator for DOE contract for
  "Automated Baseline Change Detection"
+ Principal Investigator of comprehensive robotic system for autonomy,
  supervised autonomy, telerobotics, and teleoperation.

+ Chair, Lockheed Corp. Intelligent Systems &
  Artificial Intelligence Task Force.
+ Co-chair, corporate symposium on
  Systems Engineering and Intelligent Systems
+ Corporate committee, ROBEXS 89, Instrument Society of America
  Conference on Robotics and Expert Systems.

10/86 - 12/88 Principal Investigator and R&D Scientist
  Advanced Software Laboratory, LASC Research,
  Lockheed Aeronautical Systems Co, Rye Canyon, CA
+ Principal Investigator Adaptive Planning. Designed and implemented
  Expert System for Flexible Manufacturing System; designed and
  used modified genetic algorithms in adaptive planning applications
  with automatic learning, fault-tolerance, and superb solutions
+ Designed and used, with Lockheed Artificial Intelligence Center,
  planning constraints with automatic rule-generation and
  verification of logical consistency and completeness.
+ Consultant on Air-Land Battle Management program,
  Lockheed Austin Division.  Defined requirements of
  hierarchical war-gaming with both heuristics and analytical models.
+ Designed and implemented advanced planning in production scheduling
    system for Lockheed Composite Development Center,
    emphasizing practical fieldability.
+ Independent Research and Development (IRAD) projects coordinator.
+ Conceived and established IRAD advisor project to use expert system to aid
    authors, editors, and retrieval of IRAD brochures and information.
+ Lockheed corporate organizing committee for DARPA
    Knowledge-Based Planning Workshop, Austin, TX, December 1987.
+ Lockheed Corporate Artificial Intelligence Task Force.
+ Co-chair Lockheed Corporation Symposium on Intelligent Systems.

5/85 - 10/86 Department Manager, Principal Investigator, and Staff Scientist
    Artificial Intelligence Laboratory,
    Lockheed Software Technology Center, R&D Division, Austin, TX
+ Performed original analysis of decision support under stress;
    established AI requirements, specifications, and expert system
    architecture and directed the implementation of various
    proofs-of-concept for knowledge-based prototype of
    user-adaptive decision support system.
+ Determined requirements and techniques pertinent to software design
    and simulation of embedded performance and functionality.
+ Corporate Lockheed Artificial Intelligence Task Force.
+ Co-chair Lockheed Corporation Symposium on Artificial Intelligence.

• Los Alamos National Laboratory

12/75 - 6/85 Physicist
    Practical Applications Group, Los Alamos National Laboratory,
    Los Alamos, New Mexico
+ Chief, Developmental Physics for Pi-meson cancer therapy clinical trials,
    in collaboration with University of New Mexico.
+ Adjunct Professor of Radiobiology, University of New Mexico. (Concurrent)
+ Principal Investigator for National Cancer Institute contract to transfer to
    Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, University of California, and
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University,
    the system described next.
+ Supervised development and application of a 3-D radiation therapy
    treatment planning system involving radiation transport,
    particle physics, radiobiology, clinical medical physics, and
    several computer systems.
+ Conceived, implemented, and developed high-level system-independent,
    transportable, operating system emphasizing human-interface
    capabilities in adaptive response, constrained natural language,
    mixed interaction modes, context dependency, and integrity
+ Conceived, implemented, and developed
    several major and unique software tools.

• U.S. Army

5/73 - 2/76 Weapons Effects Officer (Major)
    War Games Branch, Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff
    (Joint Chiefs-of-Staff), Offutt AFB, NE
+ Conceived and implemented application of decision theory to nuclear options
    (SIOP) consistent with national policy and JCS guidance.
+ Major participant in determination of economic factors
    pertinent to national nuclear policy.
+ Served on several advisory panels for CINCSAC/Director JSTPS
+ Principal branch liaison to senior policy-making groups
+ Used my analysis methods for target data base (see UCLA)
+ Received perfect efficiency reports from General Officers.

5/70 - 5/73 Physicist (Captain)
    Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
    (Defense Nuclear Agency), Bethesda Naval Hospital, MD
+ Determined and implemented dosimetry techniques
    for high-energy electron accelerator.
+ Invented and implemented
    multi-dimensional, real-time radiation-field monitor.
+ Determined in-vivo radiation-protection delay times for
    dual-fraction supra-lethal doses.
+ Used my analysis methods for dosimetry (see UCLA)

• University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

1/64-5/70 Graduate Fellow and Research Associate
    Physics Department, University of California, Los Angeles.
+ Devised and implemented general computer-based scheme for
    data acquisition and analysis. Used in three major experiments.
+ Dissertation experiment in particle physics at
    Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.


• University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
+ 6/71 Ph.D,Physics - Experimental Elementary Particle Physics, (4.0/4.0)
+ 2/66 M.S,Physics - Nuclear Physics, (3.9/4.0)
+ 6/64 B.S, Physics - Physics With Honors (3.8/4.0),
+ 6/64 Distinguished Military Graduate, USAR

• Continuing Education
+ Object-oriented programming, robot path planning,
    production and task planning, AI planning methods,
    research topics in artificial intelligence, advanced algorithms.
+ Computer languages: FORTRAN, C, C++, ART, Lisp, Symbolics,
    JCL, SnoBall, PHP, MySQL, LINUX, OSs, Assembly.
+ Management, project management, systems engineering, accounting.


+ American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM)
+ AAPM Charged Particle Dosimetry Task Group
+ American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)
+ AIAA Space Automation and Robotics Technical Committee (SARTC)
+ American Physical Society (APS)
+ Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
+ IEEE Computer Society
+ Lockheed Chairman, Corporate Intelligent Systems,
    Artificial Intelligence Task Force
+ DARPA Knowledge-Based Planning Workshop Committee, Austin, 1987
+ ROBEXS - Robotics and Expert Systems Conference Committee,
    Palo Alto 1989
+ Software Technology Center Library Committee
+ Software Technology Center Computer Committee
+ Los Alamos Medical Center Human Use Committee
+ Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility (LAMPF)
+ LAMPF Computer Committee
+ LAMPF Word Processing Selection Committee
+ LAMPF Experimental Data Acquisition Committee
+ National Cancer Institute (NCI),
    NCI Treatment Planning Intercomparison Task Group
+ Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honorary Society


+ Military: TOP SECRET, SIOP/ESI, Codeword, etc. (Inactive)
+ Civilian: Q-Clearance, SECRET (Inactive)


+ Major, Chemical Corps, U.S. Army Reserve,
    Active Duty: May 1970 to February 1976
+ U.S. Army Commendation Medal
+ Joint Services Commendation Medal
+ Honorably Discharged upon request, no reserve obligation


Over 65 unclassified chapters, refereed articles, abstracts, and papers in
physics, medical physics, and computer science.  To see a complete
bibliography, please click on
Scientific Pubs in the menu bar on the left.
Peter A Berardo, PhD