Once or more upon a time, Peter...

Marched for peace, planned nuclear war.  Wrote programs, programmed writers.
Majored in physics, did physics as an army major.  Loved and lost, loved and tied.
Managed to discover didactics dislike discoveries.  Dodecalingual, natural and 'puter.

Modeled nuclear physics with Eightfold Way, nuclear war with Triadic Deterrence.
Messed the environment with toxic radioactivity and chemicals, made remedial robots.

Computed with mechanical switches, switched mechanisms with computers.
Convinced computers to understand English and one checked this very phrase.
Commerced in stock market, farmer’s market, antique market, and black market.

Organized organizations, systems, conferences, and thoughts.
Published in sixty-five scientific articles and in four anthologies of poetry.
Lived in five states, visited forty-five states and twenty-five state capitols.
Roved in three continents, eighteen nations, and fifteen national capitols.

Served as army captain, sea captain, and seaman third class.  
Sailed two oceans and seven seas.

Traveled in first class and fourth class via
river rafts and classic cars, motorcycles and bicycles, ocean freighters and yachts,
passenger and freight trains, airplanes and balloons, helicopters and tanks,
foot and thumb.

Born in California, almost died in India, woke up in Persia, Los Alamos, and Texas.
Wrote own obituary for transition in 2052.

Built houses and tore them down. Wired buildings and self.
Built organizations and smashed atoms. Plumbed houses and high-energy physics.
Built systems and crashed programs. Framed rooms and research plans.

Fired bazookas and palookas.
Burnt no bridges.

Was a chair, tabled items, couched some in woven logic, cushioned hard decisions.
Was a toastmaster but sometimes had no bread.
Was a Boy Scout, altar boy, and girl chaser.
Was up to the neck in shit, both figuratively and literally.

Conducted tests of mice and men, robots, quarks, and pi in the sky.
Composed poems and proposals.
Orchestrated intelligence for robots.
Played violin, football, hooky, and real war games.
Chanted in boys choirs and peace marches.
Performed lethal animal experiments, cured cancer.
Studied time reversal, lived one day twice.

Now he is writing fictional novels and novel nonfiction.
Peter A Berardo, PhD