Fiction Projects

Novel: Strangers When We Part
- A man's long love story of short love stories.  
See Synopsis.

Novel: Cold War Warrior
- A half-century of nuclear warfare in academia, military, and
See Synopsis.

Novel: Perfect Candidate
- Independent, intelligent, informed, incorruptible, idealistic; so what's
the problem?  
See Synopsis.

Novel: Notes to Saint Peter
- Saint Peter lets him conduct his own last defense.

Novel: Sleepless
- A scientist awakens options that rouse nightmarish foes.

Poetry Projects

Second Thoughts
- Poems of life, loss, and love

After Thoughts
- More poems of life, loss, and love

Nonfiction Projects

Article: Story Techniques and Technical Stories
- Similarities beyond substance

Article: Masters of Arts and Sciences
- Professional similarities

Article: Righting Writing
- Righteous and simple editing

Book: PT Wit
- Pithy proverbs and querulous quotes

Book: Just-in-Time Time Management
- Metaplanning of Planning

Book: You Get the Point
- Natural language essays in natural philosophy
Peter A Berardo, PhD